Collection: Bespoke Luxury Leather Goods ~ Hand Made in England

Welcome to the Bespoke division of Sterling and Burke Ltd.
Our Luxury Leather Goods journey began decades ago with the introduction of Swaine Adeney Brigg, Daines and Hathaway, Papworth Travel Goods, Barrow and Hepburn, and Tanner Kroll.  As we learned more and more in regard to what our clientele was looking for, we realized the need to have control over our production.
Since 1985 we have maintained our small production facility in England.  For years we have produced retail labels you would recognize.  We are delighted to now offer our extraordinary bespoke goods direct to consumers. 
Please allow us to assist you in creating the pieces of your dreams.
Finest Quality | English Bridle Hide | American Alligator | Classic and Timeless

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