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Bond Style 4 Inch Attache Case, BESPOKE | Hand Stitched | English Leather | Sterling and Burke-Attache-Sterling-and-Burke

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Bahrain | Attache Case | Bond Style 4 Inch Lid-Over-Body Case | Bespoke | Hand Stitched | English Leather


The James Bond Case - our black attache case with red leather lining.  The finest quality materials are used to produce your Bond Case.  From Russia with Love.


"Bond" style attache case, hand-stitched in bridle leather by master leather craftsmen in England. A 4 Inch Lid Over Body Attache where the lid fits snugly over the body of the case. All hardware is hand-assembled solid brass and is also available with nickel plating. The handle is produced using 7 layers of leather for a comfortable grip that will mold to your hand over years of use. Truly a masterpiece, built to last a lifetime. The Bond Style is based on the case that James Bond carried in films. It is black with red skiver lining and no file in the lid. 


Bridle leather is hand fed with waxes and tallow during the tanning process. The waxes will come to the surface and allow the leather to break in beautifully, creating a wonderful patina that gets even better with age. Beeswax-coated linen thread cements each stitch in place.


Please view the image of the stacking dark london tan cases.  The case on the top measures 3.5 inches.  The case on the bottom measures 4.5 inches.  Our Bond Style measures 4 inches. These beautiful pieces are typically made to order, approximately 8 weeks of production. We will be in touch with all details before production begins.


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