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Classic Gladstone Bag | Kit Bag in English Bridle Leather | Hand Stitched in England | Deposit for Bespoke Production

Classic Gladstone Bag | Kit Bag in English Bridle Leather | Hand Stitched in England | Deposit for Bespoke Production

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The Classic, Timeless, Traditional Gladstone Bag.

This will become your trusted companion on all your travels, as it secures your most special possessions.  Please allow us to assist you in creating the piece of your dreams.  Many colors are available.  Many sizes are available.  Personalization is entirely up to you.

Size: The traditional size is generous.  The approximate exterior measurement includes a 22-inch width (from left to right), 12.5-inch height (this measurement does not include the handles), and an 11-inch depth (front to back).  We have produced this bag as small as 12 inches and as large as 28 inches.  We have made this quite tall and very short and everything in between.  The frame determines the length.  The other dimensions are up to you.  The frames are typically an even inch: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 inches et cetera.

Personalization: This may be personalized to your exact specifications.  Your name or message on the interior and exterior.  Or a secret message attached to the lining.  Please reach out to us.  We are delighted to assist you in creating a most extraordinary case.

English Bridle Hide: Shown in Dark London, Havanna, Chestnut, and Olive Green Canvas with Bridle Leather Trim.  We have produced this in many colours including a Scarlet Red and Royal Purple.  Please allow us to know of your interest.

Metal Fittings and Key Lock Finishes: The frame and key lock are solid Brass hand-made in England.  The key is enormous and quite fun.  We are able to have the frame silver-plated, nickel-plated, and gold-plated.

Lining: This case is typically lined in dark fine cotton tan canvas, although other colors are available.  We have a clever customer supply his own lining fabric ...a tartan plaid wool.  As you can imagine, it was exquisite.  We have also lined this with pink silk and also produced an umbrella to match it. 

Interior Pockets: Typically we include a zippered pocket on the interior. 

Custom Dust Bag: The dust bag we will produce may match with your interior.  If you prefer otherwise, we have an assortment of heavy flannel fabrics for you to select from.

Handles: Please notice our handles as shown.  We have been producing our Gladstone Bag with handles of this type.  Alternatively, you may request handles that match those shown in the photograph at the very top of this page.  Fixed handles (without the brass rings) had been used with the Classic Victorian design.  When ordering this fantastic bag, please consider these options.

Our Master Craftsmen and Ladies: Each item in our Bespoke range is handcrafted by our master craftsmen just north of London in Saffron Walden. Each piece of the leather is hand-cut and the case is completely hand stitched using a double needle saddlery technique. Bridle leather is hand-fed with waxes and tallows during the tanning process. The waxes will come to the surface and allow the leather to break in beautifully, creating a wonderful patina that gets better with age. This is a natural product so please be aware that there may be some variations, especially in the lighter colors.

Polish and Polishing Cloth: Yes, we will include our special polish and a polishing cloth.  When you find yourself in The District, please bring your piece to us and we will touch it up for you.

Deposit: The price here is for the deposit only.  After we understand your particulars, we will put together a price with approximate delivery.  Currently, we are requiring approximately 10 months for production.  Should you place an order, we will not charge your card until you have confirmed you wish to proceed. The balance will be requested at the time of personalization and/or dispatch.

Take Your Time: Please, at your convenience, allow us to know how we may assist you.  This is an extraordinary selection that will become a generational treasure.  Please take your time with your decisions.

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