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Seat Stick | No.2 | Shot Over Seat Stick / Shooting Stick | Fixed Height and Swivel Seat Field Stick

Seat Stick | No.2 | Shot Over Seat Stick / Shooting Stick | Fixed Height and Swivel Seat Field Stick

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Seat Stick | Shot Over Seat Stick / Walking Stick | Fixed Height and Swivel Seat Field Stick | Seat Stick | Made in England | Sterling and Burke | SB Style No.2

We have four styles to select from: 

  • Style No.1: Fixed Height and Fixed Seat
  • Style No.2: Fixed Height and Swivel Seat
  • Style No.3: Adjustable Height and Fixed Seat
  • Style No.4: Adjustable Height and Swivel Seat

Fixed Height and Fixed Seat field seat stick made in England using the finest quality of materials. The fixed field stick height is 26.5 inches (67 cm) when seated.

Typically the Shot Over Seat Stick is produced with Tan leather handles and seat.  Also available in Dark Brown and Black.

The shaft may be produced with a leather cover.  The traditional cover is PVC.  A Leather Covered Shaft will make your selection especially unique.

We are pleased to personalize your seat stick.  We are able to personalize with initials or maybe a name here in Washington, DC.  If you are thinking to have a more involved personalization, we will have the seat portion stamped prior to production.

Seat Sticks Handmade in Walsall, UK for Sterling Burke

Tirion Seat Sticks have a well-known reputation for quality and reliability.  These are truly the finest in the world and have been so for over 100 years.

Quality and reliability are the hallmarks of our sticks.

The Tirion® range of seat sticks & shooting sticks is the best available. Skilled craftsmen assemble the top-quality materials and stitch the goatskin leather at our factory in Walsall, England. Walsall is a town with a world-famous manufacturing history and heritage.

  • Lightweight design - Aluminum Handles, Swivels & Plates
  • Aluminum parts are cast in our foundry
  • Visible parts are polished to ensure an attractive appearance
  • Premium quality Leather Goatskin for extra comfort & durability
  • All products carry a 2 Year Guarantee

Of course, our complimentary luxury gift wrap is always available.

Design Notes:  our images show several styles - when the shaft height is adjustable it will have a twist nut at the top of the covered portion of the shaft - when the seat swivels the metal bit that connects the seat to the shaft will be round - otherwise the sides will be vertical - please allow us to assist you with your selection if it is helpful - this is a generational gift that you will have forever!

Production Notes: This will be produced for you in England and will likely take several or more weeks.  It is difficult to predict how long it may take.  Upon receiving your order, we will submit your request into production.  We will reach out to you as soon as we receive an approximate completion date.  If you are looking to meet a deadline, please allow us to know and we will do our very best to accommodate you.  Thank you very much.

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