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Petite Beatrice Handbag, London Tan | Hand Stitched | Orange English Bridle Leather | Small Luxury Handbag-Handbag-Sterling-and-Burke

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Petite Beatrice Bag Handbag | London Tan | Hand Stitched | Bespoke | Orange English Bridle Leather | 9 inch


Perfectly sized handbag, bench crafted in London Tan English Bridle Leather with Cobalt Blue Suede Lining. Easily carries the essentials and a little more. Wonderful cross-body size, made in England with luxurious suede lining, solid brass hardware, and a functioning key lock. An incredibly versatile design with top handles and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap. The rings are concealed by the handles when not in use. Carries everything you need in a day but keeps its shape when you only need the essentials for an evening out.


This is a beautifully unique orange tan, a classic English color. Works as wonderful a pop of color and can be toned down as a neutral just as easily. Either way, it is a show-stopper! Limited inventory is available and if this is not exactly what you want, you may build your own color combination through our Bespoke service. 


Each item in the Sterling & Burke Bespoke range is hand-crafted by our master craftsmen just north of London. Each piece of leather is hand-cut. Bridle leather is hand fed with waxes and tallow during the tanning process. The waxes will come to the surface and allow the leather to break in beautifully, creating a wonderful patina that gets better with age. This is a natural product so please be aware that there may be some variation, especially in the lighter colors.

Looking straight at our Petite Beatrice Bag, the dimensions are as follows:

Looking straight at our Petite Beatrice Bag, the dimensions are as follows:

  • From left to right: 8.75 inches 
  • From front to back at the widest point: 5 inches
  • From front to back at the base: approximately 4 inches 
  • From the base to the top edge, when zipped up: approximately 6.5 inches 
  • Each handle measures 12 inches in length from point of attachment to point of attachment
  • The height of the handles from the top edge of the bag to the top of the handle when held up straight: 4.5 inches
  • Overall height from the base to the top of the handles when held up straight: 10 inches
  • The shoulder strap is removable, adjustable, and bespoke.  Please allow us to know the length you wish for 

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