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Jack Georges Top Frame Brief Bag | Belting Leather Classic Briefbag | #9005


Jack Georges Top Frame Brief Bag | Belting Leather Classic Briefbag | #9005

Jack Georges Classic Belting Leather Briefbag
  • Hand made in the United States
  • Solid Brass combination lock
  • Leather lined
  • Three Section
  • Classic Top Frame Brief Bag
  • Newspaper pocket on the back
  • Measures 18 inches left to right | 13.5 inches in height | 7 inches from front to back
  • Offered in Natural Tan and Black
  • Personalization is complimentary and goes below the lock on the face of the case
Notes from Studio Burke:
  • These dimensions are equal to what has been the traditional size - 18 inches from left to right is absolutely the standard, American size.  The height includes the handle and it will come down slightly as the bag is filled.  The case will likely measure less than 7 inches from front to back when empty.  This case can stretch and stretch over time.
  • The handle is comfortable but not thick.  It may need replacing after five years or so.  The Korchmar version has two handles, which is more typically American.  A single handle is a UK standard.
  • This belting leather is gorgeous.  It is similar to what Harmann had offered back in the day when Hartmann was Hartmann.  The tan belting leather may stain or show rain in the early days if caught without an umbrella.  The Jack Georges tan will develop a patina faster than a Korchmar tan.  It will become more beautiful over tim.
  • Only Jack Georges and Korchmar are producing belting leather top frame cases.
  • The only leather as durable as American Belting Leather would be English Bridle Leather.  We produce bridle leather top frame cases in our little workroom in England.  We are pleased to assist you if that is the direction you prefer.  Our pieces are bespoke and hand produced as you wish.
  • This has a pinched edge, like the Korchmar version.  It creates a bumper guard of sorts which is quite nice.
  • It is offered with a shoulder strap, which we do not recommend.  Asside from not looking appropriate and damaging the shoulder of your suit, it will pull on the sides of the frame (if you are really using this and it is full).  The frame will bend and it will never open quite the way it should.
  • Personalization of initials in included.  We can stamp a name, firm name and such but only with the use of a die which will require custom production.  The cost of a die would be approximately $90

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