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Globe-Trotter Orient 20" Special Edition Trolley Suitcase-Suitcase-Sterling-and-Burke


Globe-Trotter | Orient Special Edition Trolley Suitcase | 20" Size with Two Wheels

Globe-Trotter Luggage 20 Inch Suitcase with wheels and trolley handle. Elegant wood handle on trolley. Larger of the two trolley suitcases available. Urushi Lacquer and Burgundy leather detailing with brass hardware. Weighing approximately 9 lbs.


The body of the case measures 21.5 by 15.75 by 8 inches (55 by 40 by 20 cm).  This measurement does not include the handle.


The Orient is truly exquisite. It is the only collection of luggage to feature an urushi lacquered finish. Urushi, the rust coloured sap drawn from the urushi tree native to Japan, has been used in traditional Japanese arts as far back as 4000 BC and bestows the Orient with an incomparable beauty and aesthetic. 


To create the Orient's remarkable exterior, each suitcase is hand-crafted by a single, master Japanese artisan working from his studio in Tokyo. Here he hand lacquers the Vulcan Fibre with several layers of urushi, before applying a final coating of clear gloss to accentuate the extraordinary natural beauty of this material. Since the appearance of the urushi will vary according to the conditions in which it dries, each Orient suitcase carries its own unique patina and features the finest champagne colored silk lining. Each case is built in the Globe-Trotter factory in England.


Delivery takes approximately 12-16 weeks. We will be in touch immediately regarding timeline and your credit card will be processed only after confirmation. Please reach out with enquiries, we are happy to be of assistance: 1.800.205.7739 or enquiries@studioburkedc.com

NOTE: This 20" case is a new design, replacing their 21" size. The dimensions of this 20" are actually slightly LARGER than the 21". Please see our editor's notes section for additional details or call for more information.


Since the Victorian era, luggage was intended almost exclusively for horse-drawn coach and train travel, frequently sent on ahead by the owner and handled solely by servants and porters. Trunks and portmanteaux were adorned with the owner's initials, hand painted often by skilled sign writers of the time, as a simple yet effective method of recognizing ones luggage in the unlikely event they should become lost or confused with similar items belonging to someone else. Thus the concept of travel personalization was born.

Globe-Trotter suitcases remain virtually unchanged since 1897 in terms of design and manufacture. With the exception of a greater range of colors and special linings, the customer now has the option of customizing their Globe-Trotter case with his or her initials.


Are you thinking about personalization?  A choice of typefaces, sizes, and colors are selected by the customer at our flagship store in the Burlington Arcade, London. The order is then placed with our Bespoke team based at our workshops in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. Using traditional craft techniques, the initials are hand painted directly onto the front position (lid) of the Globe-Trotter suitcase to create a traditional yet contemporary, durable effect to last a lifetime of use.

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