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Fox Umbrellas, London

Gentleman's Solid Shaft Hickory Umbrella | Tartan Plaid Canopy | The Finest Quality British Umbrella, The Burke Umbrella

Gentleman's Solid Shaft Hickory Umbrella | Tartan Plaid Canopy | The Finest Quality British Umbrella, The Burke Umbrella

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Tartan Plaid Hickory Gentleman's Solid Shaft Umbrella | Superior Quality British Umbrella | Solid Shaft | The Burke Umbrella

This magnificent hand-made umbrella is produced from one solid piece of wood with a hand bent crook. The solid shaft provides additional stability and is therefore strong enough to be used as a walking stick. Our umbelievably sturdy Fox Frame will stand up to any storm. Our umbrellas feature a hand stiched closure with a mother-of-pearl button.  Our canopy fabrics are woven for us and are the highest grade available. Our outersleeves are hand produced to fit each umbrella perfectly.  

Our typical solid shaft umbrella is a standard size 26 which is appropriate for heights up to about six feet.  Our Size 27 is ideal for those that are above six feet in height.  Our Size 26 measures approximately 36 inches in length and our size 27 measure approximately 37 inches in length.  A solid shaft umbrella may be used as a walking stick.  If you currently use a walking stick, maybe see what length you are comfortable using. If you have specific height requirements, please allow us to know and we will do our best to accommodate you.  So far, there has not been a requested length we could not come up with.  What umbrellas are most often ordered in the longer lengths? Definately polished cherry and polished oak.  Both are ordered with sterling silver collars and are engraved with initials.  They always have a black canopy. This has been true for ages.

Our Hickory is gorgeous.  It has a dark honey toned wood with a darker brown grain running throughout.  A rolled gold or sterling silver collar is available and both may be engraved with initials. The rich colour of our polished hickory looks beautiful with a gold collar.  For those that prefer pure metals, or are otherwise prefer silver, we also offer our hallmarked Sterling Silver collar.  Both may be engraved and often are.  Initials are the typical.  If you are interested in more than initials (or a short name), and you will have a Sterling Silver Collar, we are able to hand engrave your collar.  In that case, the options are limitless.  If you wish to have your initials or short name machine engraved on your collar,  please take a look at this page to see some of our engraving options.  Please keep in mind, our machine engraving is completed by hand.  It is not automated and it is wonderful. 

What colour should your canopy be?  Black.  Your first should have a black canopy.  Have some fun with other colours and patterns later.  We will assume you wish for black unless you mention otherwise.  Please include all your details in the comments area when ordering.

We have been in the bespoke, luxury, British umbrella business for many decades.  Our Burke Umbrellas include the finest bits we know to include. Our umbrellas are produced one at a time.  Each is hand crafted by a master artisan and created to meet your specifications. Should you purchase one, a piece of art will be created for you.  There is nothing like these umbrellas. You will love the rain. 

These umbrellas are the finest of the finest.  We promise you will not be dissappointed fact, you will love it!  Each component is designed to be replaced, should it wear out.  You should never need to replace your umbrella.  One very important rule is that you must not loose this umbrella and, please do not allow anyone to borrow this without strict instructions to return it!

There is a proper way to open your umbrella, and to hold your umbrella, and to furl your umbrella.  It will come with a little booklet providing examples and care instructions.  We are delighted to assist you with any questions you may have.

You umbrella will be fitted with an outersleeve.  The outersleeve is produced in the manner we prefer.  It will have a little mother-of-pearl button closure.  Please never furl your umbrella when it is wet and, most certainly, never put your outer sleeve over your umbrella when it is damp.

If you wish for assistance in making your selection, it is our absolute pleasure to do so.  Please allow us the opportunity.  This will become a trusted friend.  You will look forward to rain after using one of our umbrellas.  You will want to get this right, although, once you have one, you will want another.  If your first is a solid shaft, maybe a two piece with an exotic handle for the next.  Do you have a new vehicle?  Maybe consider a doorman's umbrella with a canopy to match.  

Production occurs in the Fox Umbrella workroom located in Surrey.  There you will find artist at work creating extraordinary umbrellas.  Typically we require 6-8 weeks for production.  We will be in touch shortly after the order is placed to confirm the details.

STUDIO BURKE DC | Washington, DC | 1.202.331.4224 |

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