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Crocodile Skin | Viennese Bronze

Crocodile Skin | Viennese Bronze

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Crocodile Skin | Viennese Bronze

5 3/16 (nose to tail) x 11 16th (left to right) x 9 16th (height)


Viennese bronzes are famous and distinguished by their naturalistic and detailed representation of human figures, and all species of animals, ranging from Oriental bazaars, or elegant erotic nudes to life-like birds of prey or amusing frogs, pigs, dogs (of every breed), cats, and insects acting like people, or just themselves. Also, there is the wonderful line of Beatrice Potter figures. The pieces can differ in size from a few millimeters up to almost a meter. They are unequalled in their state of the art finish as they are beautifully cold painted in naturalistic colors, skillfully patinated, or gilded. Through their broad variety of subjects, sizes and finishes, these bronzes reflect the contemporary taste of the Viennese and European public in general and they are being sold to collectors all over the world. They are directly designed by the artists to give shape to the casting moulds for further reproduction.


The Vienna Bronze foundries have been in existence since 1850. Mr. Bermann and Mr. Bergmann, the original owners, designed many, many bronzes. There are approximately 20 to 30 thousand different bronzes that the foundries are capable of producing. No one has ever taken the time to hand count them.


Each bronze separately cast. This means, if you have a bronze bird on a nest, the bird is one piece and the nest is one piece. There is only one man doing all the casting and filing. The bronzes are sand-casted. This is a procedure that consists of wet sand. They take the original mold, press it into the sand, which leaves an impression. Then the man pours in the hot bronze. He lets it cool and then will hand file each piece. The pieces are then soldered together to create the bird on the nest.


Once the bronze is made, it is taken into a room where 2 or 3 women will hand paint the piece with oil paint. Each piece has approximately 5 to 10 coats of paint on them. This is a feast in itself. All these people are artists and should be appreciated for all the work they do.

Salzburg Creations, Inc. is an exclusive Vienna Bronze importer in the United States.


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