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Bespoke Classic Beatrice Bag | IRIA Style: Black & Cobalt | Hand Stitched | Black English Bridle | Cobalt Suede Lining | Brass Fittings & Key Lock | 12 Inches

Bespoke Classic Beatrice Bag | IRIA Style: Black & Cobalt | Hand Stitched | Black English Bridle | Cobalt Suede Lining | Brass Fittings & Key Lock | 12 Inches

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Bespoke Classic Beatrice Bag | IRIA Style: Black & Cobalt

Black English Bridle | Cobalt Suede Interior | Brass Fittings & Key Lock

Special Notes: 

  • This bag will be identical to your original Beatrice Bag with the following exceptions:
  • This bag will be produced with an interior pocket.
  • The zipper has changed slightly.  We are now using a zipper that is produced in Switzerland.  We are able to use the original zipper if there is a preference to do so.
  • There will be no fee for delivery.
  • Complimentary Personalization is available.  Typically initials are placed on the tab on the front of the bag that is near the zipper.  Blind Stamping (burned into the leather) or Gold Stamping may be used.
  • The shoulder strap is removable, adjustable, and bespoke.  Please allow us to know if you wish for the length to be altered. 
  • All of the components required to produce this: exterior hide, lining hide, brass fittings, brass key lock, New style zipper, Original style zipper, and ...our highly skilled master maker!

     Additional Notes:

    • This will be produced as quickly as possible.  We are without a completion date at this time, however, every effort will be made to produce this as soon as possible.
    • Correspondence directly with our workshop is available and encouraged if desired.
    • This bag may be sent from our UK Workshop directly to a European address of your selection.
    • Every attempt will be made to control additional fees such as duty and taxes.

    The dimensions are approximately as follows:

    • From left to right: 12 inches 
    • From front to back at the widest point: 5 11/16ths (just under 5 3/4ths) 
    • From front to back at the base: approximately 4.5 inches 
    • From the base to the top edge, when zipped up: approximately 10 inches 
    • Each handle measures 15 inches in length from point of attachment to point of attachment
    • The height of the handles from the top edge of the bag to the top of the handle when held up straight: 5 inches
    • Overall height from the base to the top of the handles when held up straight: 15 inches


    The Rutherfords Workroom:

    Our classic English Bridle Leather goods are hand-produced, one at a time, by our master craftsmen in our Rutherfords workroom on the Cholmondeley Castle Estate. 

    Our long-time, UK partners, Alex and Russ Hughes are the founders of Rutherfords.  We work closely together to produce our exquisite pieces in our classic English Bridle Hide.  Our range of goods continues to be hand manufactured with the most traditional methods, often using the same tools as used over 100 years ago.  

    Our Rutherford workshop is located in Cheshire, England on the extraordinary Cholmondeley Castle Estate.  (Pronounced Chum Lee).  Please take a look at the property by clicking on the link below.  We hope you come and visit us.  Please be certain to reach out first so we may greet you.,-2.4581131,11.25z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x487aed00bee49951:0x72bd2a5d6dc17be!8m2!3d53.050432!4d-2.6748343!16s%2Fm%2F02z4434?entry=ttu


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