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Canvas Trunk Suitcase | 18 Inch Carry On | Wheels and Trolley Option | Hand Stitched

Canvas Trunk Suitcase | 18 Inch Carry On | Wheels and Trolley Option | Hand Stitched

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Canvas and English Bridle Hide Trunk Suitcase | 18 Inch, BESPOKE | Wheels and Trolley | Completely Hand Stitched | Extraordinary Quality 


This 18-inch suitcase is part of the Sterling & Burke Bespoke Collection, these magnificent suitcases are all made to order in the leather color of your choice. Completely hand-stitched and bench crafted in English Bridle Leather. Solid brass hardware and hand-assembled functional key locks. Shown here in an olive green waterproof canvas with chestnut leather trim with wheels and trolley handle. The interior is lined in natural twill. Nickel-plated hardware and all leather construction are also available. A range of sizes is available.  This piece is truly built to last a lifetime or more!


Each item in the Sterling & Burke Bespoke range is handcrafted by our master craftsmen just north of London. Each piece of the leather is hand-cut and the case is completely hand stitched using a double needle saddlery technique. The handle is produced from 7 layers of leather allowing for a very comfortable grip and it will conform to your hand over the years. Bridle leather is hand fed with waxes and tallow during the tanning process. The waxes will come to the surface and allow the leather to break in beautifully, creating a wonderful patina that gets better with age. This is a natural product so please be aware that there may be some variation in the lighter colors.




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