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Bronze Keepsake | Silver Keepsake | Polished Silver Award | Made in America-Silver Plating | Bronzing-Sterling-and-Burke

Studio Burke DC | Corporate Gifting

Bronze Keepsake | Silver Keepsake | Polished Silver Award | Made in America


Baby Shoe | Bronze Baby Shoe | Polished Silver Baby Shoe | Made in America | Heavy Polished Silver




A paperweight, mascot, hood ornament, award


Attach to an auto, golf cart, vehicle as a hood ornament


Attached to a stand as an award.  We would provide an engraved plate attached to the stand if desired.


Premium quality, electroplated silver, bronze, gold, antique silver, andtique bronze, hand finished


Shown in Polished Chrome finish.  Also available with silver and gold plated finish, solid bronze and solid silver


Electroplated to the highest standards by our team of craftsmen.


A piece may be produced from a pattern in our archive, or commissioned as a one-off item to a client's specification.

All models are cast and finished using traditional materials and techniques. Depending on each piece's specification, we may employ either Sand Casting or Lost-Wax processes. The small-scale nature of this production is reflected in the high quality of work, and our unfailing attention to detail.


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