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Bespoke Music Case | Classic Music Case with Flap | Hand Stitched | English Bridle Leather | No.99A

Bespoke Music Case | Classic Music Case with Flap | Hand Stitched | English Bridle Leather | No.99A

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Classic Music Case as an Open TOTE

A tote has been created off the base of our Traditional Music Case
The Music Case Tote is handcrafted in England using the finest English Bridle Leather.
  • Originally designed to hold sheet music, often ordered to be used as a general business case
  • This is a single compartment, open tote that is secured with a solid brass or nickel bar as traditionally used on a classic Music Case
  • Completely Hand stitched, hand cut, hand finished
  • Self lined (without additional lining) is the standard, also available with suede lining
  • This is an elegant, unexpected business bag
  • Personalization is always available, and complimentary.  Typically personalization takes place at the top edge of the face of the case.  Please look at the image of the purple case - the branding shown is where the personalization will take place

Bridle Colours Available for the exterior:

  • Dark London Tan (standard tan and not our orange tan)
  • Light London Tan (a natural hide - very light - absorbs oil from use rather easily)
  • Black
  • Chestnut (develops variation over time)
  • Navy (more of the typical American navy and not a black navy colour)
  • Havana (dark, gorgeous brown)
  • Burgundy (a Bordeaux colour - a dark, purple red)
  • British Racing Green (just as it sounds!)

Suede Colours Available for the interior:

  • Green (traditional lining colour, especially with London Tan)
  • Scarlet (a true red - terrific with black)
  • Black (more often used with the lighter colours)
  • Natural (very light beige - always appropriate)
  • Violet (a medium purple - a fun colour that is always good!)

Dimensions include: 15 inches from left to right and an 11 inch height.  This height does not include the single handle.   The depth will vary from maybe 2.75 inches to up to 4.5 inches, or more is it is stuffed quite full.  

This case is most often produced with self lining.  Our bespoke Music Case range allows for full customization.  Please let us know if you have something in mind.  We have added a removable shoulder strap in the past, although this is not something we necessarily recommend.  A traditional Music Case design is without a shoulder strap.

English bridle leather is naturally tanned over many months. The unique feature of the leather is the application of the colour by hand with layers of wax. The wax or bloom helps protect the leather and over time will develop a rich patina. Over time a white waxy bloom may settle on the surface leather. This can be gently polished/rubbed back into the leather using a soft cloth.

Each item in this Sterling & Burke Bespoke range is handcrafted by our master craftsmen in our beautiful workshop on the Cholmondeley Castle estate in Cheshire, England.   Each piece of the leather is hand-cut and finished with hand stitching, using a double needle saddlery technique.

Bridle leather is hand fed with waxes and tallow during the tanning process. The waxes will come to the surface and allow the leather to break in beautifully, creating a wonderful patina that gets better with age. This is a natural product so please be aware that there may be some variation in the lighter colors.

 Personalization may take place on the body of the case.  We can burn the letters into the leather or stamp them in gold.  Initials are typical on the flap and a name or short message.  We have about 4 inches to work with.  

This case may require 2 or more months to produce.  Please allow us to know if you require your case by a certain date and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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