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300 Keepsake Jars of Local NC Wildflower Honey | Labeled and Packaged Appropriately with Story Connecting Yellow Rose Flower and Honey

300 Keepsake Jars of Local NC Wildflower Honey | Labeled and Packaged Appropriately with Story Connecting Yellow Rose Flower and Honey

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These will be nice jars that will be produced to be used later.  A terrific holder for paperclips and such afterward.
Nice Quality Hexagonal Glass Jars with Gold Plated Lid for Honey with the Logo Etched on the front and Custom Labeled providing story connecting the Yellow Rose Flower and Honey
Possible Options / Additional Considerations to be included:
  • Bee Hive Jar Shape
  • Gold Lid may have with Honey Comb Design or Solid Gold Plated Lid
  • Additional Label and/or Custom Etching
  • Gift Wrap if appropriate
WILDFLOWER HONEY is recommended for gift giving.  Wildflower Honey is medium-amber in color and medium-strong in taste. It is a mixture of many nectar sources. This honey is the best choice for those people that want the honey to help with allergies.
This price is all-inclusive.  There is no additional fee for delivery to North Carolina, sales tax, etcetera.

Rose Cardamom Infused Honey

Taste: This Decadent honey is infused with Rose petals and Cardamom pods creating a flavor profile of a pure match made in heaven. The pairing of the Rose, Cardamom, and Honey creates a wonderful taste that can be described as a perfect balance of floral and spice.

How to use:   

Pairs wonderfully with vanilla ice cream and our Black tea medley. Drizzle over parfaits, plain yogurt, and kefirs. Pancakes, waffles, biscuits, butter croissants, baklava, and more. Make a simple syrup and craft yourself a Healthy Cocktail.

Raw Local Honey – Antioxidants, Antiviral, Antibacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory, soothes a sore throat, allergies, acid reflux, diarrhea, peptic ulcers.


Rose -  High in Vitamin C, therefore, it boosts the immune system, High in Antioxidants, therefore, it may protect the body from free-radical damage, it has a calming property to it so it may help with stomach & liver distress, improves blood circulation, Relieving pain in the knees, Aiding in the healing of wounds, Provide Vitamins A, B, C, E, K, Relieves Menstrual Pain, Protects Stomach & Liver, Improve Blood Circulation, Ease Constipation, Treats Endocrine Disorders, Reduces Body Fats, Reduces Fatigue, Soothe Nerves, anti-inflammatory properties, therefore, it can help relieve some pain, Maintain Health in the Uterus, Aid in Healing Wounds, Relieve Indigestion


Cardamom -has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for oral health due to it's antimicrobial properties, it has a cooling almost minty property to it and can help with respiratory health, helps with digestion and other gastrointestinal issues, can help with nausea, beneficial for liver health, antibacterial properties can help with sore throat or feeling under the weather, can be helpful for balancing blood sugar levels.

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