Walkers All Butter Scottish Shortbread | The Finest Shortbread in the World | Eat Like Royalty!

Eat Like Royalty!  | Walkers All Butter Scottish Shortbread | The Finest Shortbread in the World.

Looking for the perfect items for your corporate Food Gift Basket?
Does your teatime long for real Butter Shortbread? 
Do you wish to eat like Royalty?

Walkers Shortbread is what you need!  Walkers all butter Scottish Shortbread has been the premier brand since 1898.
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All Butter and full of British tradition — Walkers Scottish Shortbread.  Perfect at Christmas Time and All Year Long.

Walkers Shortbread bakes the world's finest shortbread cookies using only the best ingredients from the heart of the Scottish Highlands.


Joseph Walker, being a true Scotsman, knew the goodness of shortbread. From the days of Mary, Queen of Scots, in the mid 16th century, when she frequently ate a thin, crisp, buttery shortbread flavored with caraway.  Shortbread has grown in popularity in Scotland and across the world, thanks to Walkers.
Starting with a small bakery, Walker soon became the supplier of shortbread to shooting parties on estates nearby. They would even go out of their way to stop at his shop for a fresh batch. He soon expanded to a larger shop in Aberlour, a village in Speyside and added horse-and-cart delivery.

The business grew into a real family affair, with sons James and Joseph getting involved in the 1930s. They introduced new cakes and confections and expanded delivery range by switching to vans. James’ two sons and his daughter all joined by 1961. Surviving through two World Wars, they grew into an exporter, supplying over 60 countries with their teatime treats and winning three Queen’s Awards for Export Achievement.
Still committed to ingredients that include real butter (not the less expensive margarine used by competitors), Walkers continues to please customers and add a note of sweet and salty deliciousness to teatime tables.
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