Vintage Leather Luggage made in England | Custom Produced


We are Leather Goods Specialists with the ability to produce custom luggage, trunks and business cases.  Please view the following photographs of vintage luggage.

This may be helpful when selecting your Bridle Hide colour.



As our cases age, they will change colour and develop a distinct patina.


To view details of this five year old attache case, please click here

The Lid-Over-Body-Attache shown above &

below is a five year old case produced in regular Chestnut.


With the stack below, the you will see from top to bottom: Chestnut, Havana, and Dark London Tan:

In the stack below, you will see from top to bottom: Chestnut, an unusually Orange Dark London Tan, Standard (typical) Dark London Tan, Havanna, Dark London Tan, Chestnut, and then, Havana.  The case on the side is Chestnut.

Below you will see Dark London Tan (or possibly a Light London Tan) then, true Dark London Tan, Chestnut, possibly Havanna, and then another Chestnut.  As these cases age the Dark London Tan and Chestnut will look very similar.

In the stack below, the first Bridle Hide piece is a very light, Light London Tan, followed with Black and then Dark London Tan.

Below is an amazing collection of Black Bridle Hide. was created as the Bespoke Division of Sterling & Burke Ltd, Washington, DC  1.800.205.7739 / +1.202.331.4244