The Wren Press | Luxury Bespoke Stationery in Washington, DC at Studio Burke

Luxury Stationery from British made The Wren Press 


Handmade, bespoke luxury by The Wren Press | Corporate Invitations with custom logos and crests


What if the gift wasn't the main event? What if the card, holder of meaningful words and sentiments, was? At London's Wren Press, the handmade bespoke paper products--for corporate events, personal stationery, celebrations and beyond--are so luxurious that they might be. The company's artisans imprint customized logos, crests and other designs that the client chooses onto one-of-a-kind stationery pieces.

Founded in 1985, Wren Press made the early decision not to outsource production but instead to build a fully equipped, in-house workshop. This interest in quality control has earned them royal warrants from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles of Wales, both of whom are clients.

According to Ann Patron, president of Wren Press Inc., the company's American branch in New York City, quality is achieved through attention to details. "Artisans and craftspeople etch the dies, engrave the stationery, hand-border and hand-gild cards, tissue-line envelopes and do everything possible to ensure that the finished product exceeds the client’s expectations. The majority of our work is done in house, which enables us to maintain a consistent level of quality and timing." 

The process goes like this: Customers first have an initial meeting to discuss what kind of aesthetic they're seeking, then Wren Press provides a quote before designers get to work. Depending on the the piece, lithographic printing (using ink to create flat images), thermographic printing (resulting in a raised effect on one side without an indent on the reverse) edging (hand painting the card's edges), and gilding (applying gold leaf to the edges) are among the hand-executed processes that go into Wren Press products. Their signature method though, is die stamping and engraving, which involves the creation of hand-engraved stamps and a press for a raised design on one side with an indention on the other. 

Wren Press's customers appreciate the care that goes into each of its pieces. "The beautiful stationery that they have created for our Royal and Belgravia Suites perfectly reflect the style and elegance associated with luxury hotel living," said Michael Beavan, Manager of London's prestigious hotel, The Goring.

For those residing outside of London, Wren Press has gone to great lengths to make its products obtainable. They have a New York City showroom, where clients can meet by appointment to consult with Patron about custom design options. 

Studio Burke in Washington, DC, Gump’s in San Francisco, Jane Weber Ink! in Chicago and P.S. The Letter in Fort Worth also carry ready-made Wren Press products. 

Studio Burke works with international clients via email to design, create and render proofs. And so overseas clients can assess paper texture and weight, they are happy to mail samples, ensuring that distance doesn't get in the way of a client's satisfaction with the end result. 

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