Solid Umbrella? Two Piece Umbrella? Stick Umbrella? Tube Umbrella? How to select your perfect Umbrella...

Solid Shaft Umbrella
A solid umbrella is one continuous piece of wood throughout.  This means the handle and shaft are one piece.  Because solids are one piece of wood they can also be used as a walking aid.  The solid umbrellas are our top of the range of umbrellas.  As with the more expensive sticks, all solid umbrellas also come with handmade springs.  A tip cup cannot be fitted to a solid umbrella, so all solids come with a rubber ring.  All solid umbrellas come with an outside case. 


A Two Piece Umbrella is a Stick Umbrella!
With the stick umbrella, the handle and shaft are two separate pieces of wood.  The handle is glued onto the shaft.  The more expensive sticks have handmade springs.  A stick umbrella can either have a tip cup fitted or left without.  This style of umbrella can be used as a walking aid.


Tube Umbrella
The tube umbrella is fitted with a metal shaft.  This type of umbrella gives an elegant and slim finish.  We offer a large range of various types of handles that are not available on a stick or solid umbrella.