Singing in the Rain | Gene Kelley and USHER | The Burke Umbrella | Finest Quality English Whangee Bamboo Umbrella

USHER and his Burke Umbrellas
Studio Burke is delighted to have Usher as our client of bespoke, extraordinary umbrellas.  Our elegant whangee umbrella is the umbrella Usher selected for his Singing in the Rain tribute to Gene Kelley.


USHER's Singing in the Rain ~ The Burke Umbrella ~ The Finest Umbrella in the World

Usher's Bespoke Whangee Burke Umbrella

 Size 26, broad and knotty whangee handle, burnt with character, sterling silver collar, black silk canopy

Usher Documentary ~The making of "Singing in the Rain" ~ Tap Dancing


Usher's Singing in the Rain English Umbrella ~ The Burke Umbrella


USHER Singing in the Rain



"Singin' in the Rain", Song written in 1929, Music by Nacio Herb Brown, Lyrics by Arthur Freed, Originally from The Hollywood Revue of 1929 , Sung by Gene Kelly as Don Lockwood, Lyrics:, ...
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