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Looking for the right event invitation for a wedding or other important moments to celebrate? Want to buy luxury leather goods that satisfy your passion for the finest? Visit Pineider in Rome.

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Pineider is a producer of exclusive paper, stationery and leather products established in 1774 by Francesco Pineider in Florence. For centuries Pineider has been considered the symbol of elegant writing with the most refined and stylish paper. In the days when hand writing was still an art and pleasure for the elite members of the European high society, the luxury papers by Pineider was considered the ultimate for writing papers and made-to-order visiting cards. Pineider offered elegant embossed characters, coats of arms and escutcheons engraved in gold, produced with a sophisticate technique perfected by renaissance goldsmiths.

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This very unique craft tradition still continues today for the pleasure of those who have the time to appreciate hand-made papers, hand-engraved stationery, luxury leather goods, and fine writing instruments of highest quality. Hand made paper is a different world from today’s email and computer based way of managing your own relationships. By sending a letter or a card on hand-made paper you set the tone and make a clear statement of elegance and refined life style.

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Please stop over and allow us to assist you in ordering your own paper or visiting cards in order to secure one of the finest products of the old Italian paper tradition, synonymous with excellent craftsmanship

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Today at Pineider you can find a larger offering including also elegant accessories from clocks, frames, desk calendars, paperweights and Pineider patented ebonite fountain pens. Leather products include the inimitable, functional bags, in calfskin enhanced by vegetable dyes.

Eleonora Duse, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Luigi Pirandello, Maria Callas, Liz Taylor, Henry Ford, Marlene Dietrich, Rudolf Nureyev, Luchino Visconti, among others, are just some of the illustrious names on Pineider’s roll of clients. Enter this special world and enjoy odering high quality hand-made products personalized especially for you.


The world of Pineider is more than elegant and amazing stationery. Pineider also produces elegant leather accessories.

Available in Washington, DCThey also sell great leather accessories. In Rome the store is located in via dei Due Macelli 68, just off piazza di Spagna.

Bespoke Luxury Travel Desk - Writing Box - Stationery-Box

I often take the clients from to explore this sophisticated world. They even ship your stationary to the USA after they engrave it. Pineider was founded in Florence in 1774. From the first personalized printed letters to nowadays. The printing of embossed papers, the leather goods made by local tanneries and artisans ad even the writing instruments produced by master artisans in Tuscany. People like Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Miuccia Prada, Giorgio Armani, Madonna and Sting just to name some of the latest Pineideir's clients.

Now this sophisticated brand is presenting new copybooks for writers, poets or normal people. They remind us that you can write everywhere. Here is what the Pineider company writes in their press release :" From the walls to notebook. It is not easy to write a book, everybody knows that. Even less easy is to come up with the climax, the plot and the characters". No wonder we can say and they explains: " The notes by Ernest Hemingway or J.K. Rowling are almost incomprehensible while not everyone knows that William Faulkner, the nobel prize winner, took notes on the walls of his house just like the italian poetessa Alda Merini".

We don't need to be a poet, even to write your shopping list ou can take notes on these super elegant notepad. They are in various colors for the moment with Milano on the cover but we are waiting soon for the roman version.