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Marvelous Pens to give as gifts in Washington, DC

The Pineider Pen Avatar UR series with Silver trim and Steel Nib is a fabulous price.  It is perfectly presented in a gorgeous box and gift wrapped to perfection in one of our beautiful stores. Give this in the color of your choice for the perfect gift.


Look for the Pineider Avatar UR Pen with:

A rounded end cap

Feather Clip attached to the pen end cap

Palladium (Silver) trim (not gold)

A Steel Pen Nib (shiny like the Palladium trim)


Pineider Pens | Avatar UR Fountain Pen | Forest Green Body with Palladium (Silver) Trim and a Steel Nib | 5 7/8" Length Capped



Pineider Pens | Avatar UR Roller Ball Pen | Real Red Pen with Palladium (Silver) Trim | 5 7/8"


The Pineider Avatar UR Roller Ball has a rounded end cap, feather pen clip, pen color on the top


Pineider Pens | Avatar UR Ball Point Pen | Royal Blue Body with Palladium (Silver) Trim | 5 7/8"

Pineider Avatar UR has a rounded top, feather pen clip, comfortably large body

Ball Point Pen: $138.00 USD (slightly smaller scale than Roller Ball and fountain Pen)