I would like to find a really nice Leather Journal in Navy Blue with a Name on the Cover in Gold...

And, I need lines!

Charing Cross & Co. in Washington, DC has a beautiful selection of Blue Leather Journals that we can personalize and gift wrap quickly.  Our gorgeous leather books make a beautiful, thoughtful, and elegant gift.  

This is a favourite journal.  Extraordinary calf leather.
Beautiful Federal Blue color.
Thin gold line around the edge of the cover.
The size is perfect.  The paper measures approximately 8 by 10 inches.
We produced and printed the paper and made it exactly as we wished.  The lines are spaced to very comfortably write your message.  Our all cotton, archival paper is glorious to write on.
This is a perfect book to be used as a keepsake journal, or possibly a life book.
This is a popular item that covers a broad range of gifts.  It has been given to be passed at a baby shower for everyone to leave their message as well as memorial services.  It is beautifully made with archival goods.  It will last not just one lifetime, but generations.
This leather stamps beautifully.  We are able to provide gold stamping and create your title and add additional details such as a date.
We have stamped on the back cover a personal message to the recipient in very small letters. It is a lovely touch.
Our complimentary gift wrap is always designed to accommodate your situation.
Please allow us to know how we may assist you.
It is our pleasure to help you.  This gift will bring great joy for many, many years!
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