Studio Burke DC Partner: Halcyon Days, London

Halcyon Days on K Street in Washington, DC

Over the generations, Halcyon Days has developed into an established British brand that has become synonymous with outstanding quality and charm. Each product is handcrafted in England and made using the finest materials. Their craftsmen and artists take great care and pride in delivering luxury products to the highest standard.

Studio Burke DC carries a curated collection of the Halcyon Days range. If you do not see a product that you wish to order, we will happily get it for you. These exquisite enamels are truly works of art. The bangles have become one of our favorite items to sell in the store with a constant influx of new styles and colors.

Halcyon Days was founded in 1950 by Susan Benjamin in London’s Mayfair and specialized in antique English enamels – in particular the charming keepsake in the form of a small box. The craft of hand-painting on copper, which flourished during the second half of the 18th century, had almost disappeared by the 1830s and consequently, antique enamels became extremely rare. It was this rarity that led to the revival in 1970 of the classic English craft, achieved by the unique collaboration of Halcyon Days and an enamel manufacturer.

Halcyon Days has had a long and established relationship with the British Royal Family. They have proudly been granted royal warrants by The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh and The Prince of Wales as Suppliers of Objets d’Art.

Today, the enamels are still being made in their own workshops using the best of British craftsmanship. They continue to be designed by talented artists above our flagship store in Brook Street. They are made by a team of highly skilled craftsmen, using traditional English enameling skills that have been handed down through generations.

As well as enamels, Halcyon Days has long produced a range of porcelain items, including exquisite miniatures, bonbonnières, trinket trays, vases and candle holders – many inspired by antique originals.

Exciting new designs in fine bone china, both traditional and contemporary, have recently been launched, all handcrafted in England. Also new are hand engraved decanters and whisky tumblers in full-lead crystal, finely embroidered cashmere throws and silk scarves and an aromatic array of scented candles. The elegant new collections combine the old with the new and represent an exciting new journey for Halcyon Days.

Halcyon Days continues to celebrate the best craftsmanship and design offering its clients true works of art.

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