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Geoffrey Parker Custom Luxury Backgammon Sets
Available in Five Sizes:  Competion Board, Tournament Board, Challange Board, Fireside Board, and Travel Board.

Competition Board Dimensions / Size:
Checker Diameter: 51mm
Board Closed: 650mm x 410mm x 85mm
Board Open: 83omm x 65omm x 48mm.

Tournament Board Dimensions / Size:
Checker Diameter: 44.5mm
Board Closed: 605mm x 375mm x 85mm
Board Open: 760mm x 61omm x 48mm

Challenge Board Dimensions / Size:
Checker Diameter: 38mm
Board Closed: 517mm x 335mm x 85mm
Board Open: 680mm x 520mm x 48mm

Fireside Board Dimensions / Size:
Checker Diameter: 32mm
Board Closed: 415 x 297 x 85mm
Board Open: 610mm x 420mm x 48mm

Compact Travel Dimensions / Size:
Checker Diameter: 25.4mm
Board Closed: 325mm x 228mm x 60mm
Board Open: 460mm x 330mm x 3mm

Due to the natural materials we work with there are often slight differences between the sizes; these are usually between 1 and 5mm. We are offering these dimensions as a guide to the sizes of our board and what you can expect. The checkers and dice cups are sized to fit within the board.  We are pleased to produced custom sized selections.  Please allow us to know if you have special requirements in mind.  We look forward to assisting you.
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