Custom Designed Silk Tie, Elegant Custom Neck Ties, Designed for Associations, Clubs, Schools in Washington, DC

CUSTOM DESIGNED SILK NECK TIES for Associations, Schools, Universities, Corporate Organizations, and Clubs | Studio Burke Ltd, Washington, DC

  • Specializing in Printed Silk Twill Neck Ties, Screened Silk Neck Ties and Woven Silk Neckties. 
  • Beautiful construction.
  • Wonderful quality.  
  • Elegant 14 mm Silk Twill.
  • This is not an ordinary custom tie.  You will love these ties. 

  • All creative work is included in creating your Custom design.
  • Printed Silk Ties, Screened Silk Ties and Woven Silk Ties available.
  • Typically printed silk looks fantastic and allows us to offer lower minimums. Digital printing has improved significantly in the last few years.


  • Sterling and Burke's minimums are low. Printed Ties and Woven Ties: minimum is 50.  Screen Printed Ties: minimum is 100.  Each tie, produced with the highest quality is priced: $50.00.
  • If a digitally printed silk twill tie works with your design, it is a fantastic choice.  The current sharpness and clarity achievable with digital printing on silk has increased in recent years. Our colour is deep.  Our sublimation goes to the opposite side.  Traditionally, this type of look was only available with screen printing.  Shading is available with unlimited colours.
  • If a woven tie is best for you, the minimum is 50 pieces.  This allows for four colours.  Just like screen printing, the more colours, the higher the price.
  • If you require or desire a screen printed silk twill tie, the minimum is 100 pieces.  Each colour in your design is hand screened.  You will have solid colours, unlike printed ties where you can have shading and an unlimited number of colours.
  • The pricing, including designing your tie is $50.00 each.  This is for a tie that is of extraordinary quality.
  • Our minimums depend upon the way the design is applied.  A Printed Silk Tie and Woven Silk Tie have a minimum of 50 pieces.  S&B Screen Printed ties have a minimum of 100 pieces.  
  • A digitally printed tie permits you to have unlimited colours in your design.
  • A screen-printed and woven tie includes four colours. 
  • A five colour screen printed and woven tie is $53.00 each. 
  • A six colour screen printed and woven tie is $55.00 each. 
  • More than six colours make it quite difficult to produce.

  • Our finest quality tie will have the appearance, look and feel of a tie that could be sold for well over $100. 
  • Sterling & Burke silk twill ties make lovely gifts and items to be sold to members. This is our most luxurious tie.
  • Available Standard, Skinny, and Extra Long.

     Tie design options are endless.  Please allow us to assist you.


    Washington, DC