Custom Designed Silk Scarf, Elegant Custom Scarves, Designed for Club, School, Associations, in Washington, DC

Custom Designed Silk Ladies Scarves.  Custom designed for Schools, Universities, Corporate Organizations, Associations, and Clubs.

  • Specializing in Printed and Screened Silk Twill Scarves for Ladies.
  • Classic and traditional 36-inch square.
  • Glorious 14mm Silk Twill. 
  • Beautifully finished with meticulously hand rolled edges. 
  • Vibrant colours with deep saturation.
  • All Creative Design work included.
  • Minimum of 50 for printed scarves. 
  • Minimum of 100 for screened scarves. 
  • Finest quality, custom designed, luxury scarves: $50.00 each.
  • The per piece pricing is the same for printed and screened scarves.  
  • Studio Burke's minimums are low. Printed Scarves: minimum is 50.  Screened Scarves: minimum is 100.  Each scarf, produced with the highest quality is priced: $50.00 each.
  • If a digitally printed silk twill scarf works with your design, it is a fantastic choice.  Our Printed Scarf minimum is 50 pieces. S&B digital printing is the highest quality that exists.  The current sharpness and clarity achievable with digital printing on silk has increased in recent years. Our colour is deep.  Our sublimation goes to the opposite side.  Traditionally, this type of look was only available with screen printing.
  • If you require or desire a screen printed silk twill scarf, the minimum is 100 pieces.  Each colour in your design is hand screened.  You will have solid colours, unlike printed scarves where you can have shading and an unlimited number of colours.
  • The pricing, including designing your scarf is $50.00 each.  This is for a scarf that is of extraordinary quality.
  • A digitally printed scarf permits you to have unlimited colours in your design.
  • A screen-printed scarf includes four colours. 
  • A five colour screen printed scarf is $53.00 each. 
  • A six colour screen printed scarf is $55.00 each. 
  • More than six colours make it quite difficult to produce.
  • Our finest quality scarves will have the appearance, look and feel of a scarf that could be sold for well over $100. 
  • Sterling & Burke silk twill scarves with hand rolled edges make lovely gifts and items to be sold to members. This is our most luxurious scarf.
  • S&B Silk Scarves are pressed and folded to perfection.  The very best part of your design will be showing.
  • We are able to reduce the cost using slightly thinner silk and finishing the edges by machine. 
  • Our 12mm Silk Twill is lovely.  12mm silk is more typical for a branded scarf.  
  • The design will remain as created, the colours will be vibrant and you will offer an elegant scarf that will become cherished.
  • Fifty digitally printed silk twill scarves with machine finished edges are priced $42.00 each.  Digital printing allows unlimited colours.
  • A four colour, screen printed scarf with machine finished edges are priced $42.00 each. 
  • A five colour, screen printed scarf with machine finished edges are priced $43.00 each.
  • A six colour, screen printed scarf with machine finished edges are priced $44.00 each.
  • The minimum for digitally printed scarves is 50.  The minimum for screen printed scarves is 100.
  • We have samples available for you to view in our store and additional imagery will be available shortly.
  • Production will take approximately 12 weeks.  We generally require two to three weeks to design a scarf and have revisions.  It will take three weeks for your sample to approve production and then approximately five weeks for the actual production.
  • Elegant packaging is available.  Please allow us to know what you have in mind.  We are delighted to accommodate you.
Washington, DC