Claire Howard, Artist | Gallery at STUDIO BURKE LTD | Washington, DC


Claire Howard Abstract Art Washington DC


Claire Howard is well known in the Washington area for her vivid, local landscapes, tranquil seascapes, and beautiful snowfalls. Her unique painting style is always recognized.

Claire has skillfully mastered the art of the palette knife in her oil paintings, and all her images, including her illustrious skies, are painted with one simple tool. When asked what inspires her richly textured paintings, some of which are very large in scale, she will tell you that it is the "beauty we all see". "It is the incredible beauty and color surrounding me that gives our spirits peace, comfort, and calmness, and so moves me to capture those feelings and hold them on canvas".

She is known for suddenly pulling her truck or bike to the side of the road to capture that certain dappled light that she has learned will never be quite the same again. The titles of her paintings describe her thoughts at the time, instantly transporting the viewer into her world.

Claire's work has been published in major periodicals and she is the grateful recipient of several awards including Best in Show and First Place for Impressionism in an international competition.

Claire is a graduate of Villanova University and studied Art, Architecture, and Design at Mount Vernon College and the University of Maryland.

Washington, DC