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What is the traditional birthstone for my birth month?
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 Birth Stone Traditions | Classic Birthstone | Gem Stones for Birth Month 
January Birthstone: Garnet
Birthstone for January | Deep Red Garnet
January Birthstone Colour: Deep Red
The birthstone for January is garnet. Traditionally it is given on the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversary. This gem is said to stop bleeding and to protect the wearer from poisoning and illnesses of the blood.  Garnet was even believed to prevent bloodshed between enemies and perhaps if you paid them enough no harm would come! It is also considered the gem of faith and truth. 
February Birthstone: Amethyst 
February Birthstone | Amethyst Gem Stone
February Birthstone Colour: Purple
Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It is typically given on the 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries. Leonardo DaVinci thought this gem could "dissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence".  This lead to a belief that it represented celibacy and symbolize piety.  This fact made it very popular in the Catholic Church at the time. It was even said to ward off drunkenness.  It also represents the astrological sign of Pisces.
March Birthstone: Aquamarine 
March Birthstone | Aquamarine Birth Stone | Traditional Birthstone for March
March Birthstone Colour: Aqua Blue
Aquamarine is the March birthstone that is given on the 16th and 19th wedding anniversaries.  It has a deep blue color which has lead to an association with the sea and water. Early sailors carved the stone into small amulets of the god Neptune and believed this would protect them from danger while they where at sea.  It was also submerged in water for medicinal purposes. This water was believed to be endowed with power from the stone, and have the medicinal use of reversing poison, and healing ailments of the heart, liver, stomach, mouth and throat.  When aquamarine is given to someone, it is said to represent safety and security.
April Birthstone: Diamond
Birthstone for April | Traditional April Birth Stone | Diamond
April Birthstone Colour: Clear
The birthstone for April is for those with expensive tastes, the diamond. Today we are told that diamonds represent love, however it has not always been this way. The Greeks and the Romans explained diamonds by stories of "tears of the Gods" or by "splinters from falling stars".  Cupids' arrows where even said to be tipped with them.  This may be the root of the idea that diamonds represent love today. The Romans also believed diamond gave the "wearer strength, invincibility, bravery, and courage during battle".  The Hindus believed diamonds where a result of lightning striking rock. Diamonds were even touched on all four corners of a house or garden to protect from lightning.  

May Birthstone: Emerald 
Birth Stone for May | Emerald Birthstone | Traditional Birthstone for May
May Birthstone Colour: Green
May carries the birthstone known as emerald. Emerald has a deep green hue and represents spring and new birth. It is no surprise that to the Romans this gem represented fertility and rebirth.  The Egyptians buried emerald with there Pharaohs because they believed it had the power of eternal youth.  The stone is also said to represent wisdom, growth, and patience.  A gift of emerald represents love and fidelity. 

June Birthstone: Pearl (Alternate is Alexandrite)
Pearl is the traditional birthstone for the month of June
June Birthstone Gem Colour:  Lavender
The birthstone for June is pearl, and it is given on the 3rd, 12th and 30th anniversaries.  Freshwater pearls are given on the first anniversary. Arabian legend say pearls are drops of the moon that the oyster has fallen in love with.  The Chinese believed that the pearl came from the brain of a dragon.  Pearls are also said to represent purity.  
 Alexandrite is considered the alternate Birthstones for the month of June.
July Birthstone: Ruby 
July's Birthstone is Ruby | Traditional Birth Stone
July Birthstone Colour: Red
Ruby, which represents devotion, desire and passion, is the birthstone for this month.  It is said to be an antidote to poison, and was a stone of prophecy. The stone was supposed to darken when you were in danger.   When rubbed on the skin a ruby is thought to restore youth and vitality.  The gift for the fifteenth and fortieth wedding anniversaries is ruby.
August Birthstone: Peridot
Birthstone for August | Peridote | Lime Green
August Birthstone Colour: Lime Green
 August's birthstone, peridot is usually given on the 16th wedding anniversary.  The Egyptians called it the gem of the sun and thought it cured diseases of the heart. It was searched for at night because of a belief that the moonlight made it easier to see.  Powers attributed to peridot include protection from negativity, a health aid for the entire body, a stress reducer, a relaxant, and a fever reducer.  Powdered peridot is said to cure asthma.
September Birthstone: Sapphire 
Birthstone for September | Saphire Birthstone | Blue Gem
September Birthstone Colour: Deep Blue
For the month of September, the sapphire is the birthstone and traditionally given on the 5th, 23rd and 45th wedding anniversaries, with a star sapphire given on the 65th.  The deep blue of this sapphire lead to the belief that the world sat on a giant sapphire and the color of the sky was merely a reflection of this gem.  Sapphire was considered a cure for poison. It was said that a poisonous snake, put into a sapphire container would soon shrivel and dye.  It was also attributed the powers of: protection against envy, cure colic, rheumatism, mental illness, and strengthen eyesight.  Sapphire given as a gift represents sincerity and faithfulness.
October Birthstone: Opal

Birthstone for October | Opal Birthstone
October Birthstone Colour:  Irridecent Ivory
October’s birthstone is opal. It is considered unlucky in some cultures due to its brittle nature.  This may explain why it is traditionally given on the 13th wedding anniversary.  In stark contrast, Asian cultures believe it to be a gem of hope.  Aborigines of Australia believe opal was left behind by an ancestor as a sign of his or her presents. They also believe that fire came from opal.  Opal as a gift is said to mean faithfulness and confidence. 

November Birthstone: Citrine
Birthstone for November | Citrine | Golden Yellow Gem Stone
November Birthstone Colour:  Yellow Gold
A birthstone for November, citrine, is the gift for the 17th wedding anniversaries.  Because of its scarcity, not as many myths surround this gem.  It was however believed to ward off evil thoughts and snake venom as well as cure urinary and kidney ailments.

December Birthstone: Blue Topaz
Birthstone for December | Blue Topaz Gem Stone
December Birthstone Colour: Clear Blue
The birthstone for December, blue topaz, is the gift for the 5th and the 11th wedding anniversary.  Blue Topaz promotes mental and spiritual clarity, expansion, enhance wisdom, trust, kindness, and understanding.    Properties attributed to blue topaz include relax the mind and relieve mental tensions, calming the emotions and easing stress. 
An alternate birthstone for December is the Turquoise.  So named because it was initially brought to Europe by way of Turkey, this stone is one of the first gems to be used in jewelry.   Turquoise was considered by ancients to be a sacred stone, protective against all manners of evil and ill health.  This beautiful gemstone is mined in Iran and the southwestern United States.   Indians used it to guard burial sights as well as signified the god of the sky.  A gift of Turquoise represents friendship and luck.
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