Architectural Sculptures and Models of Washington, DC by Timothy Richards, England

Models of Famous Buildings in Washington, DC

Studio Burke DC specializes in architectural models of famous buildings and commissions.

Exquisite artistry.  Amazing detail.  Extraordinary gifts and awards.

Monumental Architectural Sculptures in Washington, DC

The Washington, DC Collection | The White House | The Capitol | Lincoln Memorial | Studio Burke Bespoke Business Gifting in Washington, DC

Timothy Richards Models make fabulous gifts and create a great talking point, whichever model you choose.

They are scale models produced in fine English Gypsum plaster with wrought iron, brass, lead and glass features and are architecturally faithful to the buildings.

The range has been put together in Collections linked by either geographical or architectural styles and features table top models, bookends and collectible "doorways" of famous buildings.


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Historic Georgetown in Washington, DC