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Americana Art evokes a sense of Patriotism and reflects the History, Traditions, Artifacts and Culture of the United States of America.



 Americana Art is more than patriotic flags and prints of Uncle Sam.

It is a unique slice of the American experience.


Americana Art evokes a sense of patriotism and reflects the history, traditions, folklore, artifacts and culture of the United States.



Americana Art includes the Artifacts of America’s History and references the Culture and Tradition of the United States.


Americana stands for more than patriotic flags or Uncle Sam figurines.  It includes Pop Art, Pop Culture, Music, and Literature.  Americana includes everything that makes up American Spirit.



This term is wide-ranging, and once put into an art category will comprise different images that reflect the charm, nostalgia, and even some of the harsh criticism towards America’s past and culture today. The quintessential of the U.S.A culture and tradition is at the root of what we understand today to be Americana, and this phenomenon is not just referenced in the field of visual art, but we can find the term related to music, film, fashion, fashion, interior design, and an overall style of living.


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