Add an Umbrella Holder to the back of your Briefcase? A bespoke Umbrella Strap for your custom luggage???

At Studio Burke DC, our specialty is luxury custom luggage and custom business cases.  We are not much for gadgets and such.  We are more of the traditional, classic, timeless type.  Anyone who appreciates our goods will most certainly appreciate our bespoke umbrellas.  We offer the very finest in the world.  How to carry your umbrella when it is not raining and not just about to rain??

If you have a strap around case, the obvious spot is to slide it under the straps in the back.  Otherwise, you may be a little stuck.  Be certain to have the length appropriate, just in case you must carry it on your wrist. GHURKA has always had an umbrella strap on their Express Bag No.2

We have found additional Umbrella Straps.

Please allow us to know how we may assist you in designing your custom luggage and business case with an umbrella strap.  And, please allow us to assist you in selecting the perfect umbrella!


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