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Seat Stick Umbrella | Seat Stick / Walking Stick Umbrella | Fixed Height Field Stick with Umbrella | Made in England | Sterling and Burke-Seat Stick-Sterling-and-Burke


Seat Stick Umbrella | Superior Quality Seat Stick / Shooting Stick Umbrella | Umbrella Field Stick


Custom Umbrella Seat Stick in Red and Navy and Green and Navy

Is it an Umbrella Seat Stick, Hunting Umbrella, Shooting Umbrella, Golf Umbrella With Leather Seat?  An Umbrella Seat Stick, Hunting Umbrella, Shooting Umbrella With Leather Seat is what we are offering!

Superior Quality ...the best in the world! Hand made in England.  Custom and Bespoke production.  Seat Stick Umbrella, Seat Stick, Walking Stick Umbrella, Fixed Height Field Stick with Umbrella | Made in England | Studio Burke Ltd

Conquer the elements.

Perfect for a day out! This handy and stylish umbrella shooting stick combines an umbrella for rain or shade and a sturdy seat.

  • 23" Umbrella
  • Leather seat
  • Light aluminium stem
  • Folding ground plate
  • Rubber ferrule (extra) can be fitted to the spike for protected floors
  • Colours available: Green and Navy and Burgundy and Navy (other colours and logos upon request)

Typically the Umbrella Seat Stick is produced with Tan leather handles and seat.  Also available in Dark Brown and Black.

Tirion Seat Sticks have a well-known reputation for quality and reliability.

Tirion has been the world leader in seat stick manufacture for over 100 years, a testament to the quality and reliability of our sticks.

Studio Burke Seat Sticks are produced in England by Tiron

Seat Sticks Handmade in Walsall, UK for Studio Burke

The Tirion® range of seat sticks & shooting sticks are the best available. Skilled craftsmen assemble the top quality materials and stitch the goatskin leather at our factory in Walsall, England. Walsall is a town with a world-famous manufacturing history and heritage.

  • Lightweight design - Aluminium Handles, Swivels & Plates
  • Aluminium parts are cast in our foundry
  • Visible parts are polished to ensure an attractive appearance
  • Premium quality Leather Goatskin for extra comfort & durability
  • All products carry a 2 Year Guarantee

Please allow us to assist you with your choice.

STUDIO BURKE DC | Washington, DC | 1.202.331.4224 | Enquiries@StudioBurkeDC.com

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