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Why get a machine stitched lid-over-body-attache when you can have a hand stitched case for the same price?

Why get a machine-stitched lid-over-body-attache when you can have a hand-stitched case for the same price?

Machine Closed Attache?? What does that mean? A person is operating a sewing machine.  A Hand-Stitched Lid-Over-Body-Attache Case is literally hand-stitched.  An actual human with two needles with thread on each one.  This requires extraordinary ability and will provide extraordinary stability.  Your hand-stitched case will be a masterpiece that will be cherished for generations.

Crompton and Lee, London | Bespoke English Bridle Hide Specialists | Luxury | Made in England

Studio Burke has been involved in the bespoke, hand-stitched English Bridle Hide business for 40 years.  We have recently acquired Crompton & Lee Leather Goods, London which was formed in 1919.  We have combined our highly skilled team with the C&L team.  There is no one that can do what we can do for you.

Please allow us to know of your interest.  We look forward to hearing from you.
Washington, DC

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