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Wedding Calligraphy and How to Select the Perfect Font

How to have your Wedding Envelope Calligraphy Coordinate with your Wedding Invitation Font
Sackers English Italic is a font favourite for us when creating an classic, elegant wedding invitation suite.
Wedding Font - the most elegant
Considerations to make when selecting your Calligraphy Font:
Study the font on the invitation and look for ascenders on the uppercase letters - Do your letters have ascenders? Do these letters have loops or not ? 
For example: there are two styles of R's - you will wish to match the capital letters as close as possible in the calligrapher's style
Look at the L and the B - are there ascenders or descenders?  Is it straight or do they have a loop?
Elegant font for wedding calligraphy
What is an Ascender?
In typography and handwriting (calligraphy), an ascender is the upward part of a letter that is above the typical height of a capital letter - the stem of a lowercase k, b or d are lower case letters that may have ascender. 
What is a Descender? 
In typography and handwriting (calligraphy), a descender is the downward part of a letter that is below the typical baseline - the stem of a lowercase p,q, and g are lower case letter that may have a descender.

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