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Jelly Bean Gifts from The White House | Ronald Reagan's Crystal Jelly Bean Jars

President Ronald Reagan’s Jelly Beans in White House
Waterford Crystal Biscuit Barrel Jar in Washington, DC

After the inauguration, the Reagan White House placed a standing order for 720 bags of beans per month. Jelly beans became a staple offering anywhere the president was–in the Oval Office, at cabinet meetings, and on Air Force One. Some were also distributed throughout government buildings.

The Goelitz Company obtained permission to create an official candy jar with the presidential seal. They also came up with a candy container made especially for Air Force One. It was designed so that the jelly beans would not pop out or spill if there was turbulence.

A jar of the beans also became the perfect gift for visiting dignitaries.

Reagan enjoyed these candies so much that he later sent a letter to the CEO: “We can hardly start a meeting or make a decision without passing around the jar of jelly beans.”

The popularity of the president and the association with Jelly Bellys led many members of the public to craft portraits of Reagan or of both the President and First Lady/ The artwork was often sent to the candy company. Many of the portraits were displayed at Jelly Belly headquarters and in their factories.


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