The Very Finest Hand Engraved Stationery in The City of Washington, DC - Studio Burke Ltd

The Very Finest Hand Engraved Stationery in The City of Washington, DC - Studio Burke Ltd

The Very Finest Hand Engraved Stationery in The City of Washington, DC - Studio Burke Ltd
The Finest Quality Engraved Stationery in The City of Washington, DC

 Studio Burke Ltd and The Webb Company have joined forces.

In celebration of our 100 Year Anniversary, The Webb Company and Studio Burke Fine Stationery have has joined together.

 We are Specialty Printers and have been so since 1919.  Classic Gold-leaf Engraved Stationery is our particular area of expertise.  Embossing, debossing, blind embossing, letterpress, gold-leaf tooling, and foil stamping, offset, digital and thermography are all part of our offering.  It is the centuries-old process of classic engraving that is what we do best and what we are known for.

With unlimited options from invitations, business cards and Federal and Corporate stationery wardrobes to Diplomas and Certificates.  We are producing for individuals and institutions of the highest level in The City of Washington and across the world.

Our Classic Engraving techniques depend upon the superior quality of our hand-etched dies and plates, our extraordinary, hand-mixed engraving inks and gold leaf, our exclusive, all cotton papers, the best presses to complete our projects, and the most important element is our highly skilled staff.

We use new (25-year-old) automatic-fed presses and our older (100-year-old) hand-fed engraving and die-stamping presses.  One was acquired at our beginning.  It has just celebrated its 100th birthday and, although slightly modified, it is still going strong. Strength is essential; the engraving process requires presses that handle pressures of up to two tons per square inch!

Specialty printers of our sort require dies produced in copper, steel or brass. Single-level dies are thin and are typically created with acid-etching.  Sculptured dies are much deeper and require precise, highly skilled artistry.  This is very precise work.  More than one colour requires more than one die.  The creation of dies of this type is very challenging and offered by less than a handful today.  We are one of the very, very few printers in America that employ the standards and methods of days gone by.

The creator of our dies sculpts them by hand using old-style tools.  Can you image creating in reverse and backward?  



The highest quality papers produce the best impression when working with engraving dies.  Our exclusive paper has the perfect thickness and flexibility to support our processes. 


Our hand mixed Engraving Inks and Gold Leaf Inks make the quality of our work above and beyond any competitor.  There is no one who matches our quality and extreme attention to detail.

When you hand someone a Business Card or send them a Letter or Invitation, it becomes an extension of you.  If we have completed the work for you, you are giving them a gift.  Our job is to make you look good.  Your recipients will be delighted you took the time to be thoughtful and caring.  Our quality is a rare comodity.  This is what makes us different from everyone else.  This is what we are known for.

Bespoke, Luxury Printing requires time and patience to produce, and the willingness to spend more for extraordinary quality.  It will give back to you over and over again.  This, we promise.

Please allow us to assist you with your next project.

Washington, DC
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