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The Best Umbrellas in America are Made in Britain ~ Enjoy the Rain!

The Best Umbrellas in the USA are made in England
Enjoy the rain with a beautifully crafted umbrella produced especially for you.


it is no longer just CUFF LINKS, WATCH, BRIEFCASES, and SHOES

Our umbrellas are designed to last.  Every component may be replaced when worn out, which may take a decade or more.

Provided you do not lose it, an English umbrella should last you a lifetime.


Allow yourself to enjoy an umbrella that will provide pleasure when it rains.  Become the Umbrella Gent or Umbrella Lady.  These are special.  You will be noticed. You will Enjoy the Rain!

The Best Umbrellas in America ~ Finest Quality in the World ~


Fox Umbrellas: For UnderstatementThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Charlize Theron, and Emily Blunt are amongst those who have used Fox’s Umbrellas at any point in time. Although the Fox family business has been making umbrellas in various forms since 1868, when Queen Victoria was still on the throne, today the London based-firm is the quintessentially English pick. Aside from a few animal-head designs and whangee crooks, these Made in England umbrellas are understated and extremely well-crafted – coming in foldable, telescopic and pure stick. Fox also produces a popular line of raincoats – so you’ll be fully prepared to battle the torrents from head to torso.

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