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Tell Me About Your Solid Colored Paper Selection for Engraved Stationery

We offer an iconic range of premium coloured papers for our engraved stationery.

  • All made in England. 
  • Acid free. 
  • Archival. 
  • All virgin fibre. 
  • Reyclable and biodegradable. 
  • FSC certified, which indicates it is made with, or contains, pulp from well-managed forests. 
  • ECF classified, which indicates it is free of heavy metals.  The bleaching process used to produce this paper avoids chlorine. 

It is produced in many colours, many thicknesses, many textures, many sizes. 

All envelopes are typically produced as needed and often are produced in the United States.  The typical, made in England envelope has a European, pointed flap which is deeper point than the standard American pointed flap.  The envelopes we produce in the United States may be as desired.  The paper we use for our envelopes is 36lb paper.  This is considerable thicker than what we use for our standard luxury envelopes.




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