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Susan Jeffery | Sterling and Burke | Studio Burke DC | Studio Burke by Susan Jeffery Burke | Washington, DC

Sterling and Burke's Susan Jeffery is the founder of Studio Burke DC

Susan Jeffery Burke forms Studio Burke DC from Sterling and Burke Ltd in Washington DC

Susan Jeffery brought Sterling and Burke Ltd to Washington, DC in 1980.  The Sterling and Burke name and the retail location in Georgetown, Washington, DC have been sold to an English group.  Studio Burke DC by Susan Jeffery offers all of the bespoke luxury goods Sterling and Burke had become well known for. Studio Burke DC bespoke luxury gifting was formed as the Business Gifting,  Fine Stationery, Custom Leather Goods, and Patriotic Art division of Sterling & Burke Ltd.

Susan Jeffery Burke | Burke Studio and Burke Gallery | Washington, DC

Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Dear Beloved Clients and Customers past and future:
We sold the Sterling & Burke name and retail location last year.  Sterling & Burke is now more focused on men's shirting.  We have moved our luxury gifting, custom leather goods, fabulous umbrellas, bespoke stationery, patriotic art, and all the other beautiful goods we are known for to www.StudioBurkeDC.com  and we are opening our retail location shortly in downtown DC on K Street in the business district.  We remain available to serve you via telephone and email for now and in-person once again very soon.
Thank you, in advance, for reaching out to us.  We welcome the opportunity to assist you in any way possible.  The many services you enjoyed such as gold stamping, custom engraving, bespoke production, and of course, our complimentary gift wrap will always be offered.
We look forward to furthering communication with you and until then wish you all the best and,
Kind regards, 
Mrs. Susan Sibbald Jeffery
Office: +1.202.331.4224
Direct Dial: +
Studio Burke DC 
701 East Gude Drive | Suite 200
Rockville, MD 20850
Studio Burke DC was formed as the Business Gifting,  Fine Stationery, Custom Leather Goods and Patriotic Art division of Sterling & Burke Ltd


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