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Perfect Binding and Saddle Stitching | Leather Bound Books in Washington, DC by Charing Cross Ltd

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Section Sewn, Case Binding, Perfect Binding, and Saddle Stitching

Leather Bound Books in Washington, DC by Charing Cross

The maker of Hand-Stitched Books.

Section Sewn (also known as Smyth Sewn, a hardcover bookbinding method) is the hallmark of high-quality books as pages are physically sewn into the book using thread and reinforced with fabric backing and adhesive. When opened, books are bound using this binding method lie completely flat, differently from over-sewing (where pages are glued together into a text block), which also leaves smaller text margins.

Case binding is another very common hardcover book binding method where pages are sewn together in signatures that are subsequently encased between cloth-covered cardboard covers.

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding, as shown below, is best for a soft-cover book or booklet.  The perfect binding process stacks the pages together into a block, then both the pages and cover are glued together using a flexible and strong thermal glue at the spine. The edges of the book are then trimmed once the glue dries, providing wonderful durability and an even, clean look.

Perfect Binding | Book Binding | Bookbinding in Washington, DC | Charing Cross Ltd

Saddle Stitching
Saddle Stitching, as shown below, uses a saddle stable to hold the pages together.  A saddle staple is a small piece of C-shaped wire that is punctured through the spine of the book. The saddle-stitching method uses these saddle staples to bind together the sheets of paper. A single stitched booklet ends up with 4 pages, therefore a double stitched booklet is 8 pages, and triple is 12 pages. This binding method is used in magazines, newspapers, programs, and booklets.

Saddle Stitch Binding will allow your book to open flat.  Perfect Binding does not. Saddle Stitching allows you to have a book rest open and be able to read it.  Often with Perfect Binding, one must hold the book for it to be read.

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