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Patriotic Art, Importance of New and Historic Americana in Washington, DC at Gallery Burke Ltd

LOOKING FOR PATRIOTIC ART?  Enjoy our uniquely American art created by our Washington DC community of Artists.  
Nothing feels quite as patriotic as a big American flag and there's nothing we like more than this amazing pop art canvas by Fabiano Amin. A naturalized American, Fabiano has been inspired by patriotism in many of his pieces and has a large range of stars and stripes based pieces with a whole lot of red white and blue!
POP ART in DC American Flag Art 
 This antique flag has been converted into a beautiful and modern piece of art by none other than Laura Roosevelt (yes from that family of Roosevelt's!) We love how the flag and background really fuse together to create a fantastic and unique piece.
Laura Roosevelt American Artist 
This antique flag commissioned to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the birth of George Washington is the perfect piece to do just that. A true piece of history to commemorate the man who did so much to found our great nation. 
 Antique American Flags in DC at Gallery Burke
For more information about these and our many other patriotic pieces at Gallery Burke Ltd, please reach out to us.  We are delighted to assist you.
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