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Looking for Washington, DC Cherry Blossom Art? At Gallery Burke, DC Cherry Blossoms are our Art Specialty!

The Cherry Blossom Season, although short, is a magnificent time to be in DC. As residents, we enjoy acting as tourists and taking in the sights and opportunities to celebrate.
At Sterling & Burke, we have brought in brand new original works from our most popular artists to celebrate this special time of year!
Claire Howard is famous for painting beautiful landscapes of the local area and her DC landmark pieces have been selling quickly this year! In this beautiful piece, Claire beautifully captures the cherry blossoms in full bloom as the Washington Monument rises in the background. 
Price: $2,800
This Zachary Sasim piece perfectly captures the Jefferson Memorial during peak Cherry Blossom time. With plenty of cherry blossoms in the forefront, the real star of this piece is how the bright blues of the Tidal Basin and the sky beautifully contrast with the blooms. All of this color allows the Memorial to stand out even though it is in the background.
cherry blossoms washington dc original art zachary sasim
Price: $975
Fabiano Amin has gained quite a reputation for creating abstract modern paintings and his latest work is a fantastic example of this. Rather than painting a traditional landscape, he has instead focused on the ways in which blossoms can fall from their trees. It's a modern twist on a classic piece of DC culture.
cherry blossoms dc fabiano amin abstract art
Price: $1,800
Enjoy the season!
Washington, DC

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