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Fonts and Typefaces | Garamond Font Family | Claude Garamond | French Publisher and Type Designer | 1480 - 1561

What is a Garamond Font?

Garamond is the name of a family of old-style serif typefaces originally created by Claude Garamond | French Publisher and Type Designer | 1480 - 1561

What is the history of Garamond Typeface?

Claude Garamond - born c. 1480 in Paris, France, died 1561 in Paris, France was a type founder, publisher, punch cutter, and type designer.

Claude Garamond's designs are the basis for many modern Garamond versions. Others are based on designs of Jean Jannon, a French printer who was also inspired by Garamond’s work. Over the years, their designs have inspired many foundries.

The typefaces Garamond produced between 1530 and 1545 are considered the typographical highlight of the 16th century. His fonts have been widely copied and are still produced and in use today.

What does the Garamond Typeface look like?

Garamond Typeface | Regular
Garamond Regular

 Garamond Typeface | Italic
Garamond Italic

Garamond Typeface | Bold
Garamond Bold

Garamond Typeface | Semi Bold
Garamond Semibold

Claude Garamond | French Publisher and Type Designer | 1480 - 1561

The Year 1510:
Claude Garamond's career began as a punch cutter in Paris. 
The year 1530:  
Garamond’s first type is used in an edition of the book "Paraphrasis in Elegantiarum Libros Laurentii Vallae" by Erasmus. 
The Year 1540:
King Francis I commissions Claude Garamond to cut a Greek type.  Three sizes were created for the exclusive use of the printing of Greek books.  
The Years 1545 - 1561:
Garamond also works as a publisher.  The first book he published is set using typefaces designed by Garamond.  He continues to develop his font up to his death.
The beginning of the 20th Century:
New versions of the Garamond were created and used.
Notable Versions of Garamond Font Created:
The Year 1975: Tony Stan for the International Typeface Corporation designed ITC Garamond Typeface.  
The Year 1989: Robert Slimbach created the Adobe version in 1989.


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