We have a wonderful customer in Georgetown that has a new lake house. New homes come with new walls that need to be filled! She came in and worked with Susan to commission a gorgeous collection of custom paintings to hang in her new home. 

These pieces are all original oil paintings by Claire Howard. Her specialty is gorgeous landscapes including scenes from her own farm, the beach and ocean, and lush fields of flowers. 

These pieces were chosen based off of previous works by Claire with custom dimensions and frames for our her home. 

"Summer Sailing" 48 by 48 Inches

Custom Sailing Painting - Large Sail Boat Painting

"Sailboats have always been magical to me. Their graceful, easy glide through the quiet waters immediately translates feelings of  peace, serenity, and beauty." 

"Sweet Big Sister" 36 by 48 Inches

One of our favorites in Claire's collection, depicting a little girl and her younger brother playing in the ocean at the beach.

Custom Art - children at the beach
Artists notes: 
“The photograph for this painting was taken by my son on our family vacation. It captures an amazing moment when my little Grandson, still unsteady on his little legs, tried to walk into the beautiful waters on Bald Head Island himself. His watchful Big Sister immediately went to help him steady himself and guide him into the water. She stayed with him. You can see the little boy in a position of feeling unbalanced and insecure ,and you feel the strong sense of confidence in the stride of his older sister. These are the moments that move me as an artist to document the incredible story of that meaningful moment. The shallow waters tell the viewer how beautiful this summer morning unfolded, reflecting the incredible waters and sky.”
"Sunlight" 36 by 60 Inches
A beautiful field of sunflowers on a dramatic scale, 5 feet wide, with a wrapped canvas instead of a frame so the sunflowers seem to overflow and go on forever.
Sunflowers, Sunflowers, Sunflowers ...a sea of Sunflowers
“Ah, Sunflowers. Anyone who has ever had the joy of seeing a field of these beautiful summer faces cannot help but smile. They appear to the lucky viewer to be a large crowd of cheerful, happy people totally delighted to be out in the sunshine smiling. We are surrounded by sunflower fields here in Maryland’s Agricultural Reserve where we live. My husband has planted fields of them on our little farm and even lined the driveway entrance with these Happy flowers. They are home to swaths of delightful finches that take flight as you enter the property, as if escorting you to your destination. This large, impressionistic piece was inspired by these fields, and are a joyful memory to so many beautiful summers.”
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