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Classic Gift for your Mother? Timeless Gift for your Wife? Traditional Gift for your Lady?

Mother's Day, Wife's Day, Ladies Day?
Gift Giving is our specialty at Studio Burke DC.
Halcyon Days have become one of the most iconic brands in the United Kingdom since it began creating enamel boxes in the 1970s. Since then it has received several Royal Warrants and it continues to produce beautiful products that fit in absolutely anywhere. 
Classic Mother's Day Gift - Timeless, Elegant, Gifting by Studio Burke Ltd
As a proud stockist of Halcyon Days, Studio Burke has many of their beautiful bangles, stylish watches, and enamel boxes available.  We are always very happy to order any items you have seen from them in the UK. You may add hand engraving to these bangles or painted personalization on the boxes, for an extra special touch!
cream enamel and gold bangle bracelet for women
So many Summer events on the horizon, there are nothing mothers love more than a great handbag to take to all of them. The Beatrice Bag is a Sterling and Burke classic, beautifully crafted by hand in the United Kingdom by our world-renowned craftsmen. Each bag is individual and unique and all of them are made with our famous bridle leather that will be cherished and last forever (long enough to be passed down to her daughter). There's no better present for a much-beloved mother.
luxury bridle leather classic handbag timeless style
On the off chance the weather was to turn (and we all know what summer showers can be like), why not prepare yourself or someone special with one of our handcrafted umbrellas. Hand made in England, these come in a wide variety of woods and sizes, all offering unbeatable style and quality in a product that will last for years. And we promise, the rain actually can sound pleasant, even elegant, tapping on the canopy of this umbrella. And if the tassel isn't quite her style, it is easily removed.
english ladies umbrella solid wood shaft maple
This barely scratches the surface of our Mother's Day offering so please don't hesitate to reach out to us and let us know how we can be of assistance. We are always happy to open early, stay open late, make hand deliveries, or even do some FaceTime shopping... however it is most convenient for you to shop! And don't forget our personalization and wrapping services, they make any gift that much more special!
A very Happy Mother's Day to all! A very Happy Wife's Day!  A very Happy Ladies Day! 
Washington, DC

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