Calligraphy is important in Washington, DC | Mrs. Caren Milman Calligraphy and Studio Burke Ltd

Calligraphy is important in Washington, DC | Mrs. Caren Milman Calligraphy and Studio Burke Ltd

On any given evening in the City of Washington, DC a dinner party will exist that uses a calligrapher. Place Cards and Menus are just the beginning...
Our calligrapher's pen Proclamations, Citations, Military Commissions, Special Announcements, Menus, Place Cards, Invitations, Official Greetings, and even signage. 
Studio Burke can hand engrave your place cards and menu cards making them Calligraphy Ready. 
The White House calligraphers set the standard for Washington, DC, and all of America. Calligraphers have worked at the White House since John Adams started sending guests fancy dinner invites back in 1801.  We work with Washington, DC-based Calligraphers that can create your Special Announcement, Menu, Invitations, Signage, pretty much anything you wish. 
After a calligrapher designs an invitation, the design is sent to Studio Burke and we reproduce the design with hand-engraved printing.  We return the beautiful hand engraved versions to the calligrapher, who will personalize the invitation with the guest’s name, matching the original hand style.
To accommodate last-minute changes in the guest list, we will send a calligrapher to deliver the place cards and make additions and changes as needed. They will arrive with pens and ink and a Hair Dryer to quickly dry ink. 
Sometimes, the last minute can literally mean the last minute!
When tight delines demand it, we can generate Place Cards with a computer-generated calligraphy font.  It will look lovely, but never as wonderful as a name hand penned.

Caren Milman Calligraphy provides calligraphy and hand-lettering service for our clients.

Many varieties of hand-lettering styles are available. She will work in any color to create a custom look. All of her work is done to the very highest standards. 

Washington Brides, Companies, Embassies, Government Agencies, Schools, and Universities all enjoy Mrs. Milman's work. 

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