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Benson and Clegg Store | 9 Piccadilly Arcade on Jermyn Street in London

Benson and Clegg Store | 9 Piccadilly Arcade on Jermyn Street in London
London-based bespoke tailor Benson and Clegg has unveiled its refurbished flagship store within the Piccadilly Arcade on Jermyn Street.
The new store has been designed to offer an enhanced customer experience, while reflecting the rich history and heritage of the company, by creating a “relaxing but luxurious environment”.
The flagship now features a new retail space on the ground floor, featuring parquet flooring, grand dark wood cabinetry, and atmospheric lighting, all designed to showcase its curated ready-to-wear collection, and standing at the center of the shop is an island showcasing the brand’s range of cufflinks.
In addition, the tailor, which offers both bespoke and ready-to-wear options, has introduced an exclusive tailoring lounge, which it describes as more “private members club than traditional tailors’ shop”. The aim of the lounge is to offer a unique atmosphere to allow its clients to enjoy consultations and fittings and features a grand cutting board, spacious lounge area, and custom-built bar.
“Tailoring, of course, is at the forefront of what we do and, much in the spirit of Messrs Benson and Clegg, it was our intention to create a wholly unique atmosphere for our clients - more private members club than traditional tailors' shop.”
The store also highlights the brand’s relationship with the British royal family, with a newly installed public archive. In 1944 and 1992 the brand was granted the Royal Warrant by His Majesty King George VI and HRH The Prince of Wales respectively, allowing the tailor to display the royal coat of arms.

Benson and Clegg was founded in 1937 by Harry Benson and Thomas Clegg specializing in traditional tailoring both bespoke and from spring/summer 2019 onwards, ready-to-wear. Over the years the company has introduced a large range of menswear accessories including neckwear, buttons, badges, and cufflinks, all inspired by its tailoring heritage and dedication to classic British style.


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