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Sterling and Burke will have a new home in Washington, DC | Luxury Goods | Google Page

Sterling & Burke Leather Goods

Sterling and Burke will have a new home in Washington, DC | Luxury Goods | Google Page


Heavenly Images from our Georgetown Store

Sterling & Burke Ltd specializes in leather goods and gifts, representing English and American Heritage Brands in addition to carrying our own range of leather accessories, made in England.

Custom shirts are now available in addition to their full range of formal wear, nightwear and accessories - cufflinks, ties, ascots, pocket squares, suspenders, and more.

Glorious collection of Halcyon Days enameled accessories, made in England. Bangle bracelets, jewelry, small boxes, cufflinks, and more. Bespoke English Bone China also available.

Globe-Trotter Luggage, the most magnificent yet durable luggage available. Expertly handcrafted in England.

Personalize almost any item in our store - leather stamping, silver engraving, or completely custom production for you or your company.

Corporate gifts are also available.

General Gifting includes leather-bound books and journals, cufflinks, housewarming gifts, baptism gifts, groomsmen gifts, flasks, photo albums, photo frames, personalized belt buckles

Holiday Gifts and wonderful items for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, Weddings.

We have a unique gift to fit almost every need! Please stop by or ring so that we may be of service! We are happy to accommodate special appointments outside of normal shop hours.


Established in 1986.

Sterling & Burke Ltd started as a Corporate Gifts business and launched an online store in 1999. The new store at 2824 Pennsylvania Ave opened in November 2010.


  • Photo of Gina D.
    Gina D.
    South Hamilton, MA

    It is hard to find stores with personality and meaning today, especially in the United States where everything is a brand, chain and made in China. Sterling & Burke is a place that offers its customers an escape from the day-to-day grind. When I walked inside I felt like I was transported to another time and dimension. Everything in the store is either manufactured in the United States or the UK...and there is something there for everyone who walks in. The staff is very friendly and happy to tell you the story behind any of the pieces, art, colognes, etc that are in the store (and believe me, everything does have a story!).

    The attention to detail and willingness to personalize anything in the store is hands down amazing! I have been to the store on several different occasions; the first time I walked in and chatted with a customer customizing a briefcase to match the original case James Bond carried, and on a second occasion someone was commissioning a painting from one of the several artists the store features. I was very impressed with the unique experiences one can find in such a petite shop (so certainly do not let the size fool you!). In addition to this, the quality of the goods is impeccable...I have purchased from them a notebook and even had my initials embossed on the cover.  I love it. Even if it is just to stop in and look around, I highly recommend you make this part of your trip to Georgetown!


    Photo of Keiko M.
    Keiko M.
    Yokohama, Japan

    Really cool shop for elegant gentlemen, I reckon.

    High quality and really unique and pretty expensive. Only nice gentlemen can handle it. I'm sure you can find a special present for a special person ;)


    • Photo of Ronald S.
      Ronald S.
      Los Angeles, CA

      This is a wonderful example of a small business that does everything right.  We stayed at the next-door Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown and wandered into this nice shop one evening in February.  There were many unique items in various price ranges available to purchase.  Whether it is small cufflinks, a briefcase, or other such specialized items this shop has it all.
      But there on a back side wall, I spotted her.  "America We Love You" is an original painting by local artist Claire Howard.  It was in a wonderful gold wooden frame and I fell in love.  I live in the Hollywood Hills in a rather large home but there is nothing on my walls.  I immediately knew that this would be the start of something good-a real piece of art to put on my wall where everyone could see it and admire it.  I would see it every time I sit down in my dining room.  The centerpiece of my home.  How fortunate I was to meet Susan the owner of the business who told me some history of the painting and the local artist.  My biggest concern was how could I possibly get it from Washington D.C. to the Hollywood Hills.  Susan assured me that she would make sure it arrived safe and sound.  I trusted her and today a 60-pound wooden crate arrived via UPS.  It probably took me two hours to carefully remove the painting from the crate.  I had to make my way through layers and layers of cardboard and bubble wrap-but there she was in perfect condition.   Also included were the correct wire and hanger to be used by my professional picture hanger to make sure it is hung properly on my wall.   Saturday night will be the champagne party to welcome my "Klimt" to my home for all of my friends to admire.  Susan even included a certificate of authenticity and a nice thank you note from her assistant.  I received good value for my money and absolutely excellent service.

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    • Photo of Mr B.
      Mr B.
      Saint Petersburg, FL

      Personalization of leather goods and diverse options for the corporate buyer as well as the fancy-looking walker.  I had a very specific need and ended up walking out with much more than I desired originally.  The umbrellas, luggage, and even watch travel cases are all amazing with a huge selection of options to get custom leather items made for you in your own way.

      Photo of Sterling & Burke Ltd - Washington, DC, United States

      • Photo of Elias S.
        Elias S.
        Austin, TX

        I have popped into this lovely little slice of heaven a couple of times, but the last one had to be about 5+ yrs ago.  I was in DC visiting friends and working off a bit of the gentleman's flu by walking around the fancy shops of Georgetown and stumbled in once more.  

        Where else can you can outfit yourself with sweet items like a new boot flask - for me, while also picking up a cool orange cuff for your wife?  This place!  For all of the items that they purvey, you really should visit the store in person as it is much easier to decide by touch and feel than trying to accomplish the same via Al Gore's Internet, but gotta do what you gotta do.  Visiting them in person may also allow you to find a custom order to your fancy.

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      Rick S.
      San Diego, CA

      Unbelievable quality.  My office looks like the Oval Office, and no surprise there because later I found they actually supply to the White House and Oval Office.  Susan is incredbily nice.  Rick Sachs San Diego


      Leander W.
      Chicago, IL

      This is the kind of store you want to buy something from just to keep them in business. The best briefcases in the world are made in England of bridle hide. A great assortment of classics like lid-over-body attache and top frame case which is a classic American lawyer bag. So many of the old manufacturers in England have gone out of business because people choose to carry their documents in ugly black nylon briefcases or backpacks. The English briefcases give one a serious and professional look. They also last forever and can be passed on to family members as heirlooms.  It's wonderful to see that there are still a few British companies making these classic briefcases. If you carry one of these your perceived wealth and intelligence skyrockets. A really great little store. Too bad they don't have an outpost in Manhattan  in a sterile digital and computerized world it's nice to have things of substance and authenticity


      Clayton T.
      San Diego, CA

      First to Review

      If you're in the market for a briefcase, flask, cufflinks, cologne, or a really nice umbrella, this should be your first stop. Susan is great to work with and really loves feeding my dog gluten free pretzels and cheese. :)

      T M.
      Bronx, NY

      My first time visiting this store, and I'll definitely be back! Aside from the great quality leather products this store boasts, Susan and the staff are amazing! From providing directions, to complimentary gift wrapping, and accommodation, I can't say enough great things. I went in to get my mom a purse for mother's day, and although it was pouring down raining, I left feeling all sunny and warm!


      Whether it is small cufflinks, a briefcase or other such specialized items this shop has it all. in 6 reviews

      Clayton T.

      Susan is great to work with and really loves feeding my dog gluten-free pretzels and cheese. :) in 4 reviews

      The staff is very friendly and happy to tell you the story behind any of the pieces, art, colognes, etc that are in the store (and believe me, everything does have a story!). in 2 reviews


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