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Purchase Order: Rutherfords England | Bespoke Despatch Box with Handle | Dr. Carbone

Purchase Order: Rutherfords England | Bespoke Despatch Box with Handle | Dr. Carbone

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Bespoke Red Leather Despatch Box with Handle

Exterior: Red Calf Leather with a slight texture.

Interior:  Black Sheep Suede

Exterior Dimensions: Approximately 15 by 11 by 5 inches (TBD) (one we had produced earlier measured 18 by 12 by 4.5 inches which is a standard, large American attache case)

Fittings and Lock: Gilt Key Lock (with an exterior plate in a diamond shape if possible)

Corners: More than Slightly Rounded

Lid Shape: Slightly raised in the centre

Leather Stop Hinge: With (?)

Hinge(s): a brass piano hinge?  Two brass hinges? I do not know what has been used in the past - it should not be exposed on the exterior

Interior Compartments: Without (unless you wish to have a ribbon memo board type set up)  


  • Exterior Personalization:  Flower Club insignia stamped in gold in the centre on the lid and The President stamped in gold on the edge of the lid (where it would say Queen, King, etc) 
  • Interior Personalization: A term of endearment (TBD) attached to a patch on the interior lid - let's discuss the branding - we have branded these boxes in the past on the interior opposite the lock (it is not visable when you open the box and use it)

Handle: on the side where the hindges are - please produce a leather handle (the brass handle that is typical looks uncomfortable) - this will be used as an attache case

Key Fob / Tassel:  Silk Tassel (I can find something, although I had a bit of a time with our last box)

Production Completion: Mid to end of April (to be presented near 1st of May)


Please look at this page for a good example:

The last three images are of a selection that has recently been produced.  It is a poor example - the hinges and handle are not good - possibly the exterior plate for the lock is good - it resembles some authentic pieces

 DEPOSIT: $100

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